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        Gimnazjum No.20 is a lower secondary school that provides general education for 329 students aged between 13 and 16. It is situated in Katowice, the capital city of the Upper Silesia region. The aim of the school is the intellectual, cultural and social development of young people in a friendly and supportive community. We ensure inspirational teaching in a way that interests and motivates students to develop their individual strengths. We prepare our students for the opportunities and experiences of adult life and help them to become responsible citizens. The school promotes high moral values, social awareness and respect for tradition of other cultures.

        Located in Piotrowice district, Gimnazjum No.20 has a long history which goes back to 1922, when the Polish School in Piotrowice was established. From 1935 to 1953 two state schools functioned in Piotrowice – a boys-only School No.1 and a girls-only School No.2.In 1953 the two schools united to form the Primary School No.28. The school was transformed into Gimnazjum No.20 in 1999, after the educational reform.

             We have a dedicated and well qualified staff of 40 teachers who help and encourage students to work to the best of their ability and develop their interests and skills. There is a friendly atmosphere and respect with which students and staff regard each other. Our teachers have committed a lot to increase the quality of teaching to meet contemporary educational and social needs.   

Our school offers a three-year education. There are four classes in each of the three forms. Two foreign languages are taught here, these are English and German. Every year our students are successful in achieving awards in the regional and nationwide competitions in Polish, German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and English. School takes pride in the students’ successes in sport. Basketball and handball teams from our school are among the best in the region.

      Our students become involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that cater for their interests. These include music, art and drama, writing for a school magazine, volunteer work, sports. Major games played are football, volleyball, basketball, handball and table tennis. There are clubs for computing, English Drama, Song Club, the Polish Language Club, the Globetrotter’s Club and the European Club. Students have an opportunity to take part in poetry meetings, art classes in the Ethnographic Park, English language workshops in London, outings to museums, art galleries, theatre and the Philharmonic, trips to the mountains or seaside and summer camps abroad.

       We have spacious classrooms equipped with interactive boards, the ICT suite and the library with easy access to the Internet.  There is also the school cafe and the canteen where tasty meals are served at lunchtime. A monitoring system is installed in the school building. Our school has sports facilities, e.g. gym, fitness room, table tennis room and playing field with the modern surface.

         Students take an active part in school life. Every year many interesting events are traditionally celebrated in our school. Earth’s Days, Freshers’ Day, Teachers’ Day, Christmas drama, St.Valentine’s Day, Spring’s First Day, English Song Festival, Childrens’ Day, Sports Day are some of them during which everyone is involved in presenting exhibitions, projects, acting in productions, singing, playing musical instruments and dancing. Students correspond with partners from other European schools in e-Twinning project. Every year we take part in the foreign exchange with schools in Germany and Sweden.


Jesteśmy szkołą z klasą

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 28
w Katowicach

ul. Gen. Zygmunta Waltera Jankego 160
40-614 Katowice

Tel./FAX: (32) 202 82 12
     798 765 019

E-MAIL: g20@op.pl


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