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     The Upper Silesia region was called ‘a jewel in the crown’ in one of the films made by Kazimierz Kutz, an outstanding Polish director. For centuries, this important and attractive region has been heavily urbanized and the most industrialized part of Poland due to natural conditions favourable for coal mining and metallurgy. Katowice, the capital of Upper Silesia, with a population of 308,269 is now one of the greatest economic, scientific, cultural, political and administrative centre in Poland. Katowice has become a place of substantial investment: transport routes, many banks, hotels, office buildings, the culture and science centres have been built here in recent times. 



              Spodek (the ‘Saucepan’)                      The view of the city with  ‘Altus’ office building

     Katowice evolved from a rural settlement into a mining and metallurgical industry centre in the early 19th century. The dynamic growth of Katowice, which was granted municipal rights in 1865, is reflected in the richly varied architecture. The buildings which have survived until today  represent a variety of styles, from the early 16th century wooden Church of St.Michael Archangel, through the examples of Neo-Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, eclecticism, Art Nouveau, functionalism and constructivism of the inter-war period, to the modern architecture of the latest days. A visit to the Museum of History of Katowice provides an interesting insight into the history of the region, its people, customs and traditions.



 The Neo-Romanesque Evangelical  Church built in 1858                    The Silesian Museum                   

      Katowice is a well-developed centre of science and culture with many private and state owned higher education schools. The Silesian University, the Academy of Economics, the University of Technology, the Music Academy, the Medical Academy are examples of them. There are also numerous research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. All year long in cultural centres such as the Upper-Silesian Centre of Culture, the Silesian Philharmonic, the Silesian Theatre, Spodek (the ‘Saucepan’) and art galleries there take place national and international cultural events. There are many seasonal events in the summertime, which take place in Kościuszko Park or performances in the Summer Theatre in the Silesian Centre of Culture.



                       The Silesian Library in Katowice.              The modern building of ‘The Silesian Bank’.      




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